We custom craft only wooden inlay cufflinks. No metal, enamel, stone, glass or silk.
Why??? We are wood workers. Craftsman that enjoy the simple elegance and richness of natural woods
like Mahogany, Spanish Cedar, Teak, Oak, Walnut and others.

We engrave onto wood and inlay your design into the finest silver or black plated cufflinks.
Drop them in a case and ship them to you. No minimum quantity required and we use only the finest woods.

Check out our selection here or you can create your own! All orders shipped outside the U.S. will have a USPS shipping charge.

That is what I did here. These were all brands and organizations I admired but either I could
not find any cufflinks from them or I did not care for the style of cufflink they offered.

The cufflinks shown here are NOT FOR SALE these are my own personal cufflinks.
However if you like any of these brands or maybe you have one in mind that you would like
email us, tell us who or what the organization is and we will reach out to them for you!

Have a company logo, product image, brand, upcoming event or special occasion?
The possibilities are endless. Make a lasting memory with custom cufflinks and designs.
Provide us with your artwork and let us create custom cufflinks for you.

Custom crafted cufflinks are perfect for corporate, political, personal or special events; or
just a way to add to your collection of personal accessories and jewelry.

Let your image, logo or design be showcased with your clients, employees, friends and family.
Cufflinks make a thoughtful gift and can effectively convey your image or slogan.

Custom cufflinks are great for brand recognition, promotions, corporate gifts or personal unique gifts
and every set we sell includes a cufflink box to protect your new bespoke accessory!

Caring For Your Cufflinks
-Plated Jewelry and Stainless Steel

  • To avoid ruining the solvents used in plated cufflinks, these items should only be cleaned with a soft polishing cloth. They do not usually require regular polishing.


  • Store Cufflinks in storage cases to help prevent oxidization and tarnishing, which occurs as a reaction to oxygen.
  • Store Cufflinks away from heat sources and sunlight. A Cufflinks storage case is the perfect way to protect your purchase. We ship every set of cufflinks in a single set cufflink case or box.
  • Store Cufflinks separately or in segmented compartments so as to not scratch other jewelry items.

Wear And Care

  • Avoid wearing your Cufflinks in chlorinated water or around harsh chemicals as it can severely discolor and damage jewelry.


*Any material submitted that is determined to be the Intellectual, trademark or copyrighted property of a third party will be refused. We retain the right to refuse any and all requests and submissions without explanation.