Cigar Maker Spills

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Commonwealth Cedar Spills is thrilled to make available to the incredible fan base out there that exists between the cigar smoker and cigar maker (we tend to think of them as cigar artisans) custom branded cedar spills from some of the best cigar makers in the market today.
All orders shipped outside the U.S. will have a USPS shipping charge.



We present "262 Cigar Company" branded spills. Clint Aaron and his team have an incredible line of cigars including Ideology, Paradigm and Manifesto.  We have teamed up to offer the best way to light and taste these smokes from foot to finish with cedar spills embellished with the 262 brand, all three lines and of course "Smoke the Revolution" the motto of 262 Cigars.






We present "NOMAD Cigar Company" branded spills. Fred Rewey has created a line of Nicaraguan and Dominican smokes that have garnered critical acclaim and little known but true fact is that NOMAD was the first cigar company to put a twitter account right on the actual cigar band! Tweet them @Godfadr.  To quote Fred "Nomad cigars are only rolled with the finest tobacco. It is because of this fact, from time to time, we have a shortage. Bottom line, if the tobacco does not pass inspection, it doesn’t go in the cigar. Quality will never be sacrificed for quantity."







We present "La ABEJA Cigar Company" branded spills. Kevin M. McKenna is a Purveyor of fine, hand-made Nicaraguan cigars.  Currently available in 4 sizes (Corona (5.5 x 48), Robusto (5 x 50), Toro (6 x 52) and Sultana (6.5 x 60)) La Abeja has notes of cedar, sweet floral, rich earth and just the perfect amount of spice to round it out without overwhelming the palate. McKenna started working on La Abeja in 2011 with his first round of production starting to hit a small number of store shelves in February 2013.




Enjoy a cigar maker spill and taste the difference that a cedar spill can make by ordering yours today.  All cedar spills are available in bundles of 100+ and are shipped USPS in heavyduty cardboard tubes.