• The Blowin' Smoke standard spillbox filled with 50+ Blowin' Smoke branded cedar spills.

Blowin' Smoke standard spillbox and spills


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The Blowin' Smoke Podcast standard spillbox

The Blowin' Smoke Podcast and website is the synthesis of entertainment, opinion, and madness along with real, down-to-earth cigar smokers, all glued together by a love of fine cigars.  Rob; your host, and otherwise known as "El Freako de Fuma" and his cast of cretins discuss the finer points of all things cigars and the not so finer points of life, liberty and the pursuit of herfing the world over.

Show your support for the podcast, your right to a good laugh and a fine premium cigar by purchasing your own Blowin' Smoke branded spills and spillboxes.

This one (1) standard russian birch spillbox contains 50+ spills with "The Blowin' Smoke podcast" on the spill handle with Commonwealth Cedar Spills across the front with blank sides.

The spillbox lid states “Handcrafted for The Cretins of the” followed by the "The Blowin' Smoke podcast" logo (which will appear on all orders).

Once a spillbox is purchased we offer special refill prices. All prices include Kentucky state sales tax.

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  1. so far so good, tried a couple and work pretty good 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Apr 2017

    I've always used the cedar sheets that come in most cigar boxes for lighting my cigars as well as the cedar smaller sheets that are wrapped around some cigars too. I just break off a strip and light it and then toast the foot and light the cigar with them, it always worked fine. I even have a small cedar box I keep in my humidor that has all these sheets and cedar cigar wraps I use for lighting my cigars, and again they work fine, but I wanted to try these cedar spills. There are other cedar spills out there but I decided to try these first.

    I made my order and a couple days later they showed up, the cedar box box they come in was smaller then I expected but it wasn't a bad thing, it holds a bit more then fifty spills, I actually ordered a box of 50 and ended up getting something like 67 or 69 spills in the box which was nice too. I also noticed that it seemed like some had the logo and writing on different sides so I pulled them out and separated them into left and right side logos and then alternated stacking them in the box, it actually looks really nice the way I have them in the box.

    After I counted and separated and stacked them back in their cedar box I wanted to give them a try. The first cigar I toasted and lit with these spills was a Graycliff 30 Year Anniversary edition cigar, the spill perfectly toasted the foot and I didn't feel rushed. The spill seemed to burn slow and even and when my cigar started smoldering from the toasting I used the remaining portion of the spill to light the cigar, it seems like these are the perfect length, width, and thickness for my cigars at least, the cool thing was that the spill seemed to self extinguish when the flame reach the small handle portion of the spill, so I didn't have to blow it out or shake it or anything, it just went out on its own without burning my fingers. The next day I tried another spill, this time with a nice Cohiba Red Dot Robusto, again perfect flame and it toasted and lit my cohiba perfectly and again went out on its own when the flame got to the little notch below the handle, so it was again a perfect light, today I tried my third spill with a nice Perdomo2 13 year aged Maduro that I just got in a box of and wanted see how they were going to taste so I went in and grabbed another spill and lit it and started toasting the foot on that beautiful well aged dark maduro wrapper. When it was well toasted I lit it up. Each time I've used these spills so far they have lasted long enough to toast the foot pretty well and light the cigars with not needing to rush or worry the spill wouldn't be long enough to do the job, I've always had to use two and three of my cedar strips from cigar boxes to get the cigars toasted and lit before but these only took one per cigar so I do really like them. I plan on ordering some more but next time see about having our family crest and motto on the spills, and maybe have them say BILLS SPILLS on the next bunch I order? Either way I'll probably keep a good stock of these for my cigar smokin season which runs from mid spring to late fall. I stop smoking my sticks for the winter and early spring, but I keep my cigars on display in my big electronic cigar coolador/humidor and they do look good displayed on top of it with my other cigar accessories. These are well made and look great and work very well and enhance the overall taste and lighting experience with my fine cigars. I don't think I'd ever need more then one to light a cigar, prices are a bit steep but hey it is what it is and I guess they are worth it when your using them to light super premium expensive cigars like Graycliff and Cohiba and Fuente and other top bands, these level of cigars deserve the extra expense and time to be lit with a good quality cedar spill, right....

  2. Satisfaction 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Jun 2016

    I got to know about Commonwealth Cedar Spills through my new internet radio and listening to the Blowin Smoke podcast. I just had to buy some and when they arrived I was very impressed with the presentation box. So nice to hold and a great addition to sit next to my humidor.
    I have not lit one yet but will place another order soon, the service is second to none and I am sure my cedar spill will deliver an enhanced smoking experience.

  3. Why Didn't This Happen Sooner! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Mar 2014

    What a great product! Sometimes it just the simple things that we overlook, can being us the greatest joy. Metaphors have more meaning as you grow older and in this case I have learned that the spills can enhance my favorite cigars taste 5x of what it gave me before.

  4. At treat to fire up 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Sep 2013

    The Commonwealth Cedar Spills are indeed a treat to fire up a great cigar with. It could be considered something of a ritual to first toast the end and slowly - carefully light the cigar with a spill, and there is plenty of length herel to do just that. The everyday cigar can be effectively lit with a torch lighter or barn match - but some cigars just deserve a more traditional approach. Great product, thank you

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